man stooping in front of stall

I Love It When People Stoop

When people bend down in the street there’s usually a good reason for it. They’re picking up something important, or attending to an urgent task. No one “stoops in the street” (that sounds a bit rude, doesn’t it?) without good reason. In public it’s far more comfortable and dignified to remain vertical. As a street … Read more

man in front of tattoo poster

The Charm of Time-Worn Advertising

Photography wrenches a moment from time and preserves it for later, perhaps forever. The concept of time is inherent to all photography. In street photography, especially, with its many “decisive moments,” time is ever-present, yet always, in a sense, absent. I’m sorry if this sounds contradictory, but I think most people will recognise what I’m … Read more

several people wearing masks

City of Masks — Pollution and the Street Photographer

As a street photographer I’ve become very conscious of “particulate matter” (PM) in the atmosphere of our major cities. You can call it “pollution” but PM refers specifically to the microscopic particles that float in the air — and which we breathe into our lungs unless we wear a mask. A few months ago Bangkok … Read more

street corner with mirror

Doing the Vivian Maier Thing

The great American street photographer Vivian Maier (1926–2009) often included her own reflection in her pictures. She did it very deliberately, either as a kind of signature motif or else as a question: “Who am I? A Chicago nanny or a great photographer?” You get a good impression of Maier herself in these shots. When … Read more

Railway Market

Intimate Trains

Most of us are accustomed to keeping trains at a distance, but in the Far East people have learned to live with them in close proximity. How close? Well, I suppose I’d have to call it “brushing-past close.” The Mae Klong Train Market in Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand (an hour or two from Bangkok) is … Read more